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Taining group to participate in the organization of the Guangxi Youth Entrepreneur Association for the Guilin left behind children s love to send warm activities

2016/7/6      view:


        July 1, 2016, Guangxi Youth Entrepreneur Association, resource county committee of the Communist Youth League, on behalf of the enterprise group to go to Guilin town of the county resources in Stony Brook elementary school to offer the compassion and the warmth, Guangxi Taining group as Guangxi Young Entrepreneurs Association, vice president of the unit participated in the the event and subscribed capital contributions, take practical action to help the poor children.

       Through this activity, fully demonstrated the Guangxi Taining group to respond positively to the national policy, promoting the poverty alleviation of the social responsibility is exemplary representatives of social enterprise, won the praise for the group, is for the company to create a good atmosphere, to enhance the cohesion and transfer positive energy.

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