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Taining group and the Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2016/12/8      view:

leaders of both sides shook hands

    December 7, 2016, Guangxi Taining Group Chairman Mr. Fu Anwei, a line of three people visited the Pearl River Fisheries Research China aquatic science research in Guangdong Province, the two sides conducted extensive exchanges on the history, current situation and future development of turtle industry. Guangxi Taining group's existing production facilities and research based on extensive practical experience, coupled with the Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute of professional personnel, technology and scientific research, to play their respective advantages, resource sharing, improve competitiveness, promote bilateral comprehensive long-term cooperation, common development and protection of turtle biological resources in China, to achieve industrial development needs the transformation of technical support, scientific and technological cooperation, academic exchanges, personnel training and scientific and technological achievements, the formation of research enterprise cooperation a win-win situation, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement.

 two sides on the future cooperation for a lively discussion and exchange

       Subsequently, Xu director led us to visit and introduce their research institute: founded in 1953, is set up according to the layout of the national watershed comprehensive Fisheries Science and Technology Research Institute under the Ministry of agriculture, is mainly responsible for the development of the Pearl River Basin and the tropical subtropical fishery of China Science and technology innovation and technical support task. Focus on the development of aquatic germplasm resources and genetic breeding, aquaculture and aquatic disease, nutrition and immunity, protection and utilization of fishery resources, fishery ecological environment evaluation and protection, aquatic animal, City Fisheries and aquatic products quality safety in the fields of research, research and development of transgenic fish, exotic aquatic organisms and biological safety and other emerging field. In a breeding, breeding, disease, resources, environmental protection, biotechnology, aquatic animal, fish and other 8 Research Laboratory of fishery resources and environment have focused on downstream Chinese Academy of tropical and subtropical fish breeding and breeding Key Laboratory of Ministry of agriculture, economic aquatic animal disease prevention research center, Ministry of agriculture of the Pearl River in the field station, Guangdong Province Key Laboratory of aquatic animal immune technology and other important research institutions, have the perfect laboratory, experimental base, aquatic germplasm resources, herbarium and library facilities, can provide a full range of security conditions for scientific research projects. Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute has a beautiful natural environment and superior scientific research conditions, in the coordination of scientific development at the same time, to talent as a fundamental, for outstanding talent to provide full play to the talent of the stage and space. Existing staff of more than and 300 people, including 21 researchers, 28 deputy research, Bo, master tutor 17 people, enjoy special government grants 13 experts, the Academy's chief scientist 2