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tortoise, tortoise to dominate the market, who can replace you?

2016/12/8      view:


     In November 2014, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the policy, all products must come from the use of Tortoise Tortoise tortoises into Chinese, all pharmaceutical companies must shell after heavy screening, not adulteration.


    Since then, the tortoise shell demand is rising sharply, because the turtle slow growth, the amount of farming is far behind the demand, resulting in shell prices, commodity prices Guimiao price, turtle, all rise overall, compared to 14 years has risen by more than 3 times.

    According to the law of economics, the price of a commodity may not have been rising, prices are affected by supply and demand, many industry insiders believe that the current Chinese Tjeder commodity prices have peaked, due to tortoise price constraints, the price is tortoise plastic products deep processing by the end consumer market, and deep processing products the price is affected by the economic level of the national consumption level and regional restrictions.

    When the primary agricultural products price is too high, not too much profit for the terminal industry chain processors, they tend to take measures to increase profits, one of the most effective way is to find alternatives, which then need so many kinds of which can replace the

    turtle tortoise?

    First, the turtle must be a sufficient amount of population in Brazil, little turtle, turtle, turtle flower, stone.

    Second, the turtle commodity prices must be lower than the tortoise, so, the South can be excluded.

    Third, the shell rate is high, a small turtle shell rate is less than 30%, the grass out of the shell was 40%, snapping turtle can also eliminate.

    Fourth, high content of Brazil turtle Tortoise Tortoise, poor quality, low content, the country has banned the use of Brazil turtle shell.

    So, only take the tortoise, Taiwan is also known as Green Tortoise tortoises, Cantonese can replace the tortoise.

    This flower turtle commodity prices from 18 rose to 28, from 38 pieces of turtle price rose to 58, seedling price from last year 5 rose to 9, it is also for this reason, it is a lot of people in the industry have seen this, they began to flower breeding turtle, turtle saw the flower prospect.

    It is understood that at present in accordance with the relevant national standards and laws, the turtle shell brewed in tortoise shells and flowers, the proportion of tortoise shell can reach 1:3, like last year must all use the tortoise shell. According to the continuous improvement of the national standard, the proportion may be further increased.

    In general, flower turtle breeding profit will progress to further increase the dominance of the Chinese market tortoise in the last two or three years the tortoise is difficult to shake. Original: Cheng Chang aquatic products