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Billion Taining white powder was awarded the fourteenth China

2016/12/7      view:


      day before the fourteenth session of China International Agricultural Products Fair opened in Yunnan Province, Kunming City International Convention and Exhibition Center, I Group production of "Taining billion peptide white powder with excellent quality and unique packaging and products rich in nutritional value, access to the fourteenth session of the Chinese international agricultural products trade fair fishing industry exhibition exhibitors products gold award.
      product of ecological soft shelled turtle as raw material, through the hydrolysis of modern biological engineering technology of enzymatic extraction of the essence of small molecule protein turtle turtle peptide powder, the product by the scientific determination of peptides containing
      Quantity and quality to achieve the international advanced level, easy to be absorbed by the human body quickly, in time to supplement the body's effective protein.
It is understood that the current agricultural fair is sponsored by the Ministry of agriculture of large-scale comprehensive agricultural event to "supply reform, industrial integration, green sharing, innovation and development" as the theme. Exhibitors groups
      Including 33 provincial pavilions and 11 professional pavilions, 36 countries overseas exhibitors, more than 300 exhibitors. The domestic more than 3 thousand exhibitors, the "three one" products nearly 10000 to attract domestic and foreign merchants of more than 300 thousand people.
      In the agricultural fair, my group "billion Taining titanium dioxide by experts, customers and consumers, during the exhibition, a lot of people come here, have signed a few Supply and marketing agreement.