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second cross strait youth agriculture Forum opened in Hezhou!

2016/12/4      view:
second cross strait youth agriculture Forum

         December 3rd at 9 am, organized by the second cross-strait youth agricultural forum organizing committee of the second cross-strait youth agriculture forum held in Hezhou opening ceremony. Mr. Fu Anwei, chairman of Taining Guangxi group, as a representative of the Guangxi Youth Entrepreneurs participated in the event, and the national provinces and Taiwan Youth Entrepreneurs conducted in-depth exchanges.

At 8:30, the guests continued to sign in front of the theater Huang yao.

Opening ceremony by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, propaganda department minister, vice mayor Zhu Dong presided over.

Party secretary Li Hongqing speech.

      Taiwan office party secretary Wang Yuwen speech.

Zhan Chunbai, former vice chairman of the Chinese kuomintang.


      Jointly announced the opening of the event!
      youth forum to strengthen agriculture and Taiwan Agricultural Industrial Park cooperation mechanism to promote cross-strait youth agricultural talents cultivation of agricultural industry, agricultural cooperation, exchange of information and the development of agricultural science and technology, agricultural risk prevention and control of five major agricultural cooperation in the field of interaction to build a platform to provide public support for the position of assistant platform and entrepreneurial autonomous economic and Cultural District twelfth Guangxi and Taiwan Cooperation Forum, to promote the healthy development of cross-strait economic peace in action.
      mainland agricultural experts, young agricultural entrepreneurs, agricultural organizations responsible for 120 people, the Taiwan Youth Association group, responsible person, agricultural experts, young agricultural entrepreneurs, agricultural industry organization responsible for 60 people attended the opening ceremony.
10:50 -11 20, cross-strait youth Agricultural Innovation Park groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony, the cross-strait youth Agricultural Innovation Park (Hezhou) person in charge of construction of the park, signed a "major project of cross-strait youth agricultural innovation park project framework agreement" and other admission. The Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan autonomous region and the leaders of the VIP ceremony.

14 -15 40, longevity and health food forum, youth entrepreneurship and creative agriculture science and technology innovation forum, forum and forum held on both sides of Internet plus agricultural experts and young entrepreneurs respectively, a heated discussion on the current situation, the development of cooperation in their respective fields.



16 point -17 points second points, the 50 cross-strait youth agricultural theme forum. Each sub forum representatives and experts on both sides made an important statement on the integration of rural areas of Taiwan development and cross-strait cooperation path thinking, urban modernization of agricultural innovation and development and other aspects of a comprehensive summary.