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Taining group to work together to write a new chapter of the Guangdong Ocean University

2016/7/26      view:

On the morning of July 26, the Committee of Guangdong Ocean University Student Work Department Li Yufang minister to visit the group headquarters, Guangxi Taining Group Chairman Fu Anwei with the group part of the leadership of the enthusiastic reception, both sides in the group, the reception room is school enterprise cooperation talks.

At the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors for the arrival of the minister expressed a warm welcome, by the group PPT to Minister Lee introduced the general situation of Taining group. Hope that colleges and universities can transport applications for the group of outstanding talent, the breeding, production and processing combined to achieve production, education, training (learning) and research and development integration.

Chairman Fu Anwei introduced the development of the group company

Fu Anwei, chairman of the group and Guangxi University For Nationalities, Zhejiang University, and other cooperation

Fu Anwei, chairman of the group of precision poverty alleviation activities


Minister Li introduced the basic situation of the hospital, professional construction, etc.

      The talks, I group and Guangdong Ocean University for the first time in cooperation talks, both sides of personnel training, students Dinggang internship and employment and other cooperation projects were a full exchange, reached a preliminary cooperation intention. Hope group and Guangdong Ocean University established long-term cooperative relations, to poor students donated student or school sponsored activities and other forms, to the group training delivered ecological cultivation, breeding, deep processing, science education professionals and further promote group ecological farming, breeding, deep processing, scientific research, training, to achieve integration of industry business to provide the advantageous safeguard, to write a new chapter of cooperation between school and enterprise group.

The following is the deep processing of products group testudinate

Protein powder

Exhibits of skin care products

Wine of the exhibits