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Qingxiu district business quality supervision bureau director Cai Shaozhi to bring the "two new" spirit to guide the party building work in Taining

2016/7/21      view:
On the morning of July 20, headed by the director Cai Shaozhi Qingxiu district industry and Commerce Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Qingxiu district industry and Commerce Bureau of quality supervision deputy director of Lingyan, Qingxiu district industry and Commerce Bureau of quality supervision, director of the Institute of Guchang Xue Qing Liu, fairylakea industrial and commercial Huang Chenghui, deputy director Huang Haiyan, visit Taining group comprehensive guidance "two new organizations" party building work. Taining Group Chairman Fu Anwei personally received a delegation.
At the forum, the director of the Cai Shaozhi said to actively implement the guiding ideology of the party, have the duty to support non-public enterprises party construction work, and work for the well-being of the people. Subsequently, Taining Group Chairman Fu Anwei to the delegation line introduced company current situation, expressed as soon as possible, set up branch organizations determination, give full play to the cohesion of the Party branch organizations, showing the party members advanced and exemplary further reinforce enterprise party to build the foundation, make the enterprise more development activity under the guidance of the party.

Through this forum, so that Taining group Party building work in the future have a more clear direction, aware of corporate culture and Party building work double push, in order to achieve the party building and the development of a win-win situation.

Chairman of Taining group,Fu Anwei

Qingxiu District Secretary for trade and Industry Bureau of quality supervision, Cai Shaozhi

Meeting a successful conclusion