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Prepare for the five one countdown 25 days - Taining eco industrial park elite team with sweat pouring out of life

2016/4/6      view:
    Distance "five one" only 25 days, Taining Guangxi Group Chairman Fu Anwei to make instructions, industrial park to increase, speed up the pace of construction, be sure to ensure the smooth hosting five one. In the industrial park is responsible for people He Jianglong, deputy chief engineer bear Xinhua in the lead, and Industrial Park employees together abandoned the Qingming holiday, every day full horsepower, to overcome the hot weather, overtime rush, reflecting the taining "not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, brave and selfless dedication," the spirit.

    Enter Taining eco industrial park, the front showing a faction bustling scene: breaking, dredging, paved with concrete, planting seedlings, to actively prepare for war with the "51" activities, everyone is in a tense and orderly busy, because of their hard work pay, in exchange for a now vibrant Taining eco industrial park.

Workers are laying the floor tiles

Excavator is working overtime

Sand laying on the spot

The lively scene is the most powerful proof of their hard work.

Everyone is trying to contribute to the power

A person is the top of the dust in order to Taining eco industrial park can have a fresh environment

The sun is big, we must adhere to the completion of the task!

Pay on their hard tree brand

From hundreds of kilometers back to "big guy"

Contrast before and after the exhibition hall square hardening

A better tomorrow is the result of hard work today.

Thank you for your hard work in exchange for today, full of vigor and vitality of the scene