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May 2015 Taining Mashan Group Activities of love

2016/3/13      view:
    May 2015, Taining group of more than 20 people, in the chairman of Mr. Fu Anwei lead, to Mashan County, the ancient Zhai Yao Zhen Min Xing Cun three households in poor families were cordial greetings, and poor local families to send employees spontaneous organizations to donate the clothes and the company funded the purchase of school supplies and daily necessities.

   In sympathy and donation activities, Fu Anwei Mr. cordial concern of each family and child health, learning and life, he told the household children to study hard and become a socially useful, such as life encounter difficulties, you can contact the company, the company will do is help to help them weather the storm. And by sympathy to bid farewell to the home when, condolences to the family members are sincerely invite company personnel share lunch, some families also for the company prepared local products, but have been chairman politely refused, because companies don't want to take any burden to the local family. The company's trip to the move, fully illustrated the Taining group, the heart of Thanksgiving, the actual action to return the community's corporate image.

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