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Chairman of the company to participate in the Guangxi satellite TV, "the first secretary" program recorded love

2016/3/13      view:

    On June 24, 2015, the company chairman Fu Anwei carrying on behalf of members of the company participated in the Guangxi TV gold column "first secretary" program to record. The purpose of the program in love help to donate, to support the fundraising project of impoverished and a mountainous area and poor families. After listening to the scene to participate in the program of poor children's experience, so that the company is willing to help people in the usual Fu Anwei, chairman of the board. Fu Anwei, chairman of the company said Taining Guangxi group since its inception, adhere to the "sincere, hard work, innovation, excellence" for the purpose, won the wide recognition and praise of the community. At present, the company in the modern agricultural ecological tourism park investment and development and municipal, landscape engineering field has a scale, and began to extend the business in many areas. The company's own development, but also to always do not forget to return to society. As a social responsibility of the enterprise, we have been the concern for social welfare undertakings, pay attention to social responsibility, being a good corporate citizen, as an important part of our culture, and has been the guidance, in creating enterprise value, at the same time, and actively carry out the social welfare activities, truly take in society and to contribute to society. This is very honored to participate in the program, my company will donate 5000 yuan to help the needy families. And encourage them to unremitting self-improvement, to fight against the fate.

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