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Guangxi Brunei cooperation folk channel building

2016/9/9      view:
Guangxi Brunei cooperation folk channel building
In China and ASEAN countries in the economic and trade cooperation in the field of culture and other fields, Guangxi and Brunei cooperation is a bright spot. But you may not know, the first to spread the road of cooperation between the two sides, is a non-governmental channels. From the initial agricultural cooperation, to now contain a number of areas of Brunei - Guangxi economic corridor construction, the forces of civil channels have been playing an important role.
For a long time, Brunei's food self-sufficiency rate is very low, only 3%. Brunei government has been hoping to speed up the development of agriculture, improve food self-sufficiency rate.
Help the Brunei government this favor, Guangxi International Cultural Exchange Center is a social group in Guangxi. In 2009, the center director, vice chairman of the Yulin Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference Zhou Hao to visit the return of Brunei, immediately looking around to find a willingness to develop agricultural entrepreneurs in brunei. The general manager of the Yulin municipal CPPCC members, Guangxi agricultural and animal husbandry Co. Ltd. Wangwang Pang Wang decided to try, immediately with agricultural technology experts to further study in brunei. In November of that year, when he was Chinese Vice Minister of agriculture Zhang Taolin and other Chinese leaders and Zhou Hao's testimony, "Wang Wang" and the Brunei government officially signed the "Chinese - Brunei rice project cooperation agreement, is responsible for providing high quality hybrid rice varieties, technical training and expert guidance to brunei.
In this way, "Wangwang" with the Yulin Municipal Agricultural senior agronomist Zhou, Bobai county and Yulin two farmers planting rice, fly to brunei. After 3 months of hard work, get a good harvest of rice planting. After acceptance, several rice varieties yield one times higher than that of the local elite.
This growing success, to promote the Yulin municipal government and the Brunei Ministry of industry and primary resources bureau of agriculture cooperation. In April 2010, the Yulin municipal government selected 10 agricultural experts and farmers from 7 counties, Brunei to carry out R & D projects for a period of 6 months in rice, 3 hectares of wasteland in 10 rice varieties. As a result, the average dry grain yield per hectare is 6.86 tons. Is to take its own Riera varieties planting in Brunei, the average per hectare of dry valley production reached 5.41 tons, compared with Brunei more than a record 2.41 tons. Brunei government is greatly appreciated, highly valued, and Guangxi to carry out economic and trade cooperation is determined to be more firm.
In 2014, Guangxi international cultural exchange center matchmaking, Qinzhou Haihua oyster industry science and technology development limited company in Brunei Registered Investment Companies, the development of halal food and marine aquaculture oysters. But because of the lack of experience, lose the first battle. In 2015, China sea oyster industry and Chung Li group joined forces, efforts to develop new technologies and new products in the seedling cultivation and breeding of deep-sea oysters, successfully developed a series of different products of oyster seedlings, the market reaction is excellent, the product a high degree of recognition.
Oyster breeding technology China sea oyster industry rich, and Chung Li rich group foreign trade and investment experience, the advantages of superposition on the market soon xianshanloushui. Oyster breeding and deep processing project of the Brunei government urgently hope the Chinese company to re invest in the country, through the platform of the seedling base in Brunei are East, construction investment offshore breeding base in Badong area and food processing factory sales center.
At present, China sea oyster industry and Chung Li group has co founded the Nanyang marine science and technology limited company, and in cooperation with Brunei to the name of the company. The signing of the project, will be completed in this year's Expo.
In 2013, the tenth session of the Expo, Brunei Ministry of industry and primary resources minister Yahya to China government proposed to build the Brunei Guangxi economic corridor, the government Chinese positive response.
In 2014, the eleventh session of the Expo special ceremony, "the Brunei Guangxi economic corridor cooperation memorandum of understanding" formally signed, both in agriculture, industry, logistics, halal food processing, health care, pharmaceutical, bio medicine, tourism and other fields to carry out comprehensive cooperation.
December 2014, the Guangxi economic and trade delegation to visit Brunei - Guangxi Economic Corridor project, made clear the first batch of key cooperation projects.
In March 2015, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region party secretary Peng Qinghua led a delegation to visit Brunei, focus on promoting the "Brunei Guangxi economic corridor construction, proposed the" Hong Kong Park three breeding "early proposals for cooperation, namely to promote the Beibu Gulf International Port Group to participate in the construction of Muara port operations, Agricultural Industrial Park and Yulin Nanning Brunei Brunei Chinese medicine health industry park. And fisheries, aquaculture and rice planting oysters in Brunei, the two sides reached 12 project cooperation intention.
In September 2015, the twelfth session of the Expo, "the government of Brunei Darussalam, Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group signed a letter of intent". At present, "China - Brunei agriculture industrial park has been settled in Nanning Park, 30 thousand acres of land planning, the halal food Park, deep processing of agricultural products, research and development of science and Technology Park Park, agricultural sightseeing park and ecological health park as the main content of the construction, the estimated total investment of $7 billion. Yulin Chinese medicine health industry park planning area of 24.11 square kilometers, the development of Muslim drug production projects, and CO production of Dendrobium Brunei products, oyster sauce, Prawn Crackers, honey and other healthy foods, in line with the development of halal standard mangosteen, passion fruit, black sesame and other health drinks.
Cooperation between Guangxi and Brunei is also worth mentioning in culture. In May this year, Zhou Hao et al matchmaking,