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Open new heights in the northern Gulf of Guangxi to promote cooperation in agriculture -- foreign documentary

2016/9/7      view:
In the beautiful Guangxi Nanning XiXiangTang District, Chinese (Nanning) - Brunei Agricultural Industrial Park project has been officially launched, the project plans to introduce the construction investment of 34 billion yuan, mainly to the development of modern agriculture industrial park, the core features of the halal products. Similar foreign cooperation in agriculture industrial park in Guangxi can be more than this one. Along with the China ASEAN Expo held in Guangxi, foreign cooperation projects in agriculture has blossom everywhere.
Open and promote development. How to give full play to their own advantages in the open? General secretary Xi Jinping put forward the requirements of Guangxi, Guangxi and the ASEAN countries to play a unique advantage of land adjacent to the sea, to build for the ASEAN International Channel, to create an open development of Southwest China and South Africa new strategic fulcrum, an important gateway to the formation of "The Belt and Road" organic convergence.
The new location for the opening of the direction of Guangxi. So, how to further promote foreign cooperation in Guangxi agriculture? Autonomous Region Party committee secretary Peng Qinghua pointed out: "Guangxi should further explore the agriculture and Fisheries animal husbandry strong technological advantages, focus on the ASEAN countries to build a number of modern agricultural cooperation parks, cultivate overseas agricultural industry chain, to carry out cooperation in various fields of rice, tropical fruit, animal husbandry products processing, agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing etc.."
With the help of "The Belt and Road" strategy, Guangxi's agricultural sector to actively implement the requirements of the central and autonomous regions, and actively provide access for the central provinces of Southwest platform, and improve the service ability of Southwest China and South Africa open agricultural cooperation, has gradually become an important carrier of China South southwest and ASEAN agricultural exchanges and cooperation, become Chinese agriculture to go out and promote the multi an important window to achieve win-win cooperation.
Rich resources, laid a solid foundation for cooperation
Guangxi, south of the North Bay, facing Southeast Asia, China and ASEAN is the only border between the land and sea lanes of the provinces. As the ancient maritime Silk Road starting port, Guangxi has witnessed the "ship to the sea, do not know the number of downtown buildings.
However, the changes of the times, Zhuang is still bright. Guangxi agricultural resources are now extremely rich, have grain, sugar, fruit, vegetables and other crops varieties more than 1 thousand and 200, more than and 400 livestock and poultry, aquatic products more than and 40, is the famous "Chinese sugar", the national winter vegetables "food basket", the "subtropical fruit orchard", is the silkworm, tea, edible fungi and other important agricultural production and supply base. Jeffrey production accounts for over 90% of the world; "Oriental magic tea" Camellia basically only grows in the Guangxi mountains one hundred thousand...... Summary of Guangxi agricultural characteristics, summed up as "four" and "four". Good temperature and light of the so-called "four good" is said "plug pole can germinate", a number of national industrial Zhaijinduoyin, good location and good resources along the road linking hundreds of scarce one; and "four" refers to the sky blue, green, clean water, ecological environment there is a big piece, and promote human longevity "enriched" land, a large number of consumers love the green products and suitable everywhere leisure tourism agriculture beauty.
It is thanks to such a rich and distinctive agricultural products, agriculture in Guangxi not only to meet the local needs, is a unique name card of Guangxi to the country and the world, become Guangxi internationalization development of the first army. Rich natural resources to attract a lot of investors. Chinese - is located in Guangxi high tech Zone of Fangchenggang City, the ASEAN International Agricultural products cold chain logistics center project, 800 acres of land planning, construction of a total capacity of 200 thousand tons, a total construction area of 100 thousand square meters of modern cold storage system. The main contents include the cold storage showcase, product quality traceability system, large data processing center, etc.. The person in charge of the project said: "we are spotted in Guangxi's unique resources of agricultural products, investment 1 billion 500 million yuan, the construction of the radiation ASEAN large modern cold storage and logistics base."
The results were significant, with sufficient cooperation power
Mention of the Guangxi agricultural cooperation project, but around Chinese (Guangxi) ASEAN crop varieties experiment station project, the project by the Guangxi enterprises in Laos, Vietnam, Kampuchea and other countries continue to build. The test station is mainly engaged in the introduction of excellent varieties and technology of rice as the main crop, and the demonstration and extension of the technology, and the combination of the national strategy, the target country needs and the enterprise management and development. The establishment of the test station, to promote the mutual exchange of bilateral crop varieties, technology, and promote the export of Guangxi agricultural products, set up in Guangxi agricultural enterprises Baotuan "going out" platform, forming a copy, can promote the agricultural exchanges and cooperation experience. Take the Laos test station, the station in Laos has created the "four first", which is the first use of Guangxi varieties in Laos to produce Hami; first use Guangxi simple greenhouse cultivation technique; the first to build local greenhouses; first use of organic agricultural production technology production and supply of agricultural products in laos.
To this end, the Lao Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of agriculture and forestry also dedicated to the Guangxi Autonomous Region Government issued a letter of thanks. The Lao Ministry of agriculture and forestry minister Per Ponpipa said: "China (Guangxi) - Laos crop varieties experiment station, regardless of infrastructure construction, or work varieties have made great progress, especially in Guangxi China heartfelt thanks to the selfless help, hope the varieties experiment station made more outstanding achievements, development has become an important base for farmers to learn and visit Laos training."