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Rural Internet industry will be an important investment direction over the next ten years

2016/8/31      view:
In the vast and neglected rural land, with agricultural production, there are people living in this land. China currently has 800 million people living in rural areas, based on the popularity of smart phones, rural residents are getting more and more extensive access to the internet.
At present, two yuan in urban and rural areas Chinese difference is very significant, the Internet brings to the city residents have the convenience of touch, will city now enjoy the convenience of the Internet and the future welfare slowly to penetrate into the rural areas, we believe this direction.
We are aware of the current stage of development in rural areas, not necessarily all of the model will do, and even a lot has been verified to be difficult, but in general, the general direction is correct.
With the building of intelligent mobile phone and the popularity of 4G network infrastructure, rural is no longer a "lost" land, and on this, agricultural Internet investment can be divided into agricultural production, production and post production before, peripheral services (such as finance, logistics) and rural consumption plates.
In the agricultural production stage, combined with intelligent equipment, sensors can make the planting process more optimized, from the local experiment, is indeed able to enhance the efficiency of agricultural production. The most intuitive example is that the commercial UAV to do pesticide spraying, or to replace the farmers to do a lot of work.
In the post production stage, the circulation of agricultural products is the most concerned field in the whole rural Internet. In the existing circulation system of agricultural products, farmers and agricultural products across the table from brokers, wholesale market, wholesale market in one or two aspects, problems in the middle part of the long lead to agricultural products freshness, circulation efficiency decreased.
Whether it is the production of the circulation of information or the results of production, in the existing circulation, the relatively low efficiency of rural areas. Electricity suppliers O2O can help improve the circulation efficiency of agricultural products. At present, Jingdong, Taobao is in the countryside to penetrate, but other startups also have the opportunity, not necessarily pure business, may be a variant of the electricity suppliers to improve the production and life of all aspects of rural areas.
In addition to the agricultural production process, the rural consumer demand has not been met. Research from the ether capital shows that with the improvement of the degree of education of farmers, rural consumption in recent years, showing a brand awareness, consumer upgrades, online shopping and other characteristics of the rise. In this regard, the consumption of farmers, entertainment demand is the concern of the.
(source: Chinese feed industry information network)