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Care for children left behind, one can not be less

2016/9/1      view:
Caring for the left behind children, not only from the compassion and moral feeling of charity behavior, but also the social and economic sustainable and healthy development of the rational decision to face. In the city and rural areas two comprehensive facilities strategy, the formation of a good atmosphere for rural left behind children, so that more left behind children are able to grow under the care of healthy.
In March this year, the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of education, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a document, from the end of March 2016 to the end of July, to carry out a diagnostic investigation work in rural left-behind children nationwide. Recently, the investigation work has been completed, as of 27, diagnostic investigation results have been published in Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shandong, Sichuan and other provinces or districts in the mainland. Some provinces also announced the total number of children in the state of unattended. Data show that the province of Hubei Province, the existing rural children left behind more than 73.9 people, of which there are no more than 1.1 people in custody; Fujian also has 811 children in an unattended state.
"Part of the province of thousands of left behind children unattended" this survey was shocking. And so on, the number of unattended children in the country is alarming. Childhood is a critical period for the growth of a personal health and mental development, lack of care and care of the parents in this crucial period, leaving a large number of children in urban and rural areas scattered unattended monitoring unmanned, extremely easy to cause health left-behind children short board, buried under the psychological risks.
We are in an unprecedented process of urban and rural social transformation, and the problem of left behind children is to observe the integration of urban and rural development of a slice. Perhaps for many people who live in the city or in the countryside, long life without working people, children is only a concept group left behind, but for every left-behind children themselves and their parents, have a pair of separation keenly aware of.
If you didn't have to, no way to make a living, what parents want separated, went home? Children are the future of the nation, the growth of left behind children is closely related to our future. If the problem of left behind children can not be paid enough attention to and be solved, the social costs and costs will be paid by the whole society. "Young strong, strong China, young China weak weak, love is not only from the left-behind children, sympathy and moral sense of charity behavior, rational decision-making is social and economic sustainable and healthy development must face. In this sense, the number of left-behind children thoroughly, has taken a key step to solve the left-behind children.
For a long time, only the National Statistical Bureau of the left behind children, according to the statistical inference of the population sampling survey, want to take interventions targeted at the lack of targeted. And this, through thoroughly investigation is accurate drawing precision left-behind children's "survival map", to take a more precise measures to assist. In February this year, the State Council issued "on the strengthening of rural left-behind children care protection work opinion", explicitly requested to establish and complete the rural left-behind children information ledger, a file, the implementation of dynamic management, precise measures and policies "," accurate "curing system is. These are the basic work to do a good job of caring for children left behind. Love left-behind children, inaccurate information is not accurate, only through the investigation thoroughly, and establish a large data system of rural left-behind children, in order to ensure that to solve the problem of rural left behind a variety of actions in order to force precise accurate results.Similarly, we must also see that the investigation and identification of the left behind children is only the first step. To solve the problem of left-behind children also need to simultaneously, comprehensive measures in city and rural areas of the two field to.
In the city, to strengthen the agricultural population of the transfer of the support of the population, in particular, to strengthen the education of migrant workers to support their children. Although the current city in high-quality education resources are scarce, but the basic public services in the field of education is a prerequisite to achieve good citizens of the agricultural population, only do Suiqian children's education issues, in order to eliminate the migrant labor menace from the rear. Must see, in addition to education, the transfer of agricultural population of people there are still a lot of obstacles, household registration, housing, medical care, social security, employment and so on, all different extent constitute the gap between urban and rural two yuan segmentation. The elimination of urban-rural gap, so that more left-behind children can follow their parents in the city school, and settled life, instead of being left in rural mind and matter of the island, we must improve the speed up the process of urbanization.
On the other hand, in rural areas, we must also do a good job in the care of children left behind. In caring for the children left behind in rural areas, the government, schools, society, parents, any one party can not be less. The government should not only introduce special action to save the children left behind, but also to create more employment opportunities in the local, to promote the legislation and law enforcement to care for children left behind. Schools should not only pay attention to the classroom education of left behind children, but also to focus on the psychological health of the left behind children to take more targeted action. To give full play to the positive role of rural village committee, all kinds of social organizations and individuals, efforts to solve the problems encountered in the growth of rural left behind children. Parents have the conditions, would like to see, no conditions are also left behind children by telephone, QQ, WeChat and other communication, let every left-behind children can get help timely in the face of difficulties and problems, healthy growth.
Before the completion of the urbanization and the public, the problem of left behind children will continue to exist. Only the implementation of the policy of left-behind children, a family, and support social forces to carry out activities in various forms, in the city and the country have formed a good atmosphere of rural left-behind children care, can let other left-behind children and helpless experience a little bitter, a little lonely, more healthy growth.
Article source: China Agricultural News Network - Farmers Daily