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Our district supply and marketing comprehensive reform pilot release of energy

2016/9/2      view:
- were built in County, township and village three comprehensive service center (station, agency) 30, 101, 845
- the first half of the year, the basic units, a total profit of 20 million 550 thousand yuan, an increase of 23.1%
Guangxi daily news Nanning (reporter / Wei Jichuan) in the case of downward pressures, new achievements in my area comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives. It is reported that the first 6 months of this year, 20 pilot cities, counties (cities, districts, the same below) of the total sales, the growth rate of total purchases were higher than the non pilot cities and counties average of 9.29 percentage points and 15.06 percentage points.
My area of comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives pilot since early last year to start, has been built at the county level integrated service center 30, comprehensive service station 101 Township and Village Integrated Service 845, provide comprehensive services for urban and rural residents, to help the villagers to achieve the purchase of agricultural production materials, consumer goods and the sale of agricultural and sideline products three out of the village". Each pilot cities, counties also actively explore the promotion, agricultural services, soil testing formula, the rule, the joint harvest, processing and sales of the "menu" "nanny" "one stop" land hosting services model. Up to now, the region's supply and marketing cooperatives system has been managed land area of 42 thousand acres.
Pilot work to promote the development of the region's supply and marketing cooperatives. It is understood that at present, the region has more than and 70 county towns of supply and marketing cooperatives property will be handed over to the county supply and marketing cooperatives unified management operations, effectively enhance the ability of overall development of the society. In the first half of this year, the gross profit of 20 million 550 thousand yuan, an increase of 23.1%.
In addition, the whole system has been the formation of farmer professional cooperatives 102, driven more than and 510 farmers' professional cooperatives joint development, the existing members of the society in 96 thousand and 800 households, 195 thousand and 300 households built villages and towns; "three rural" financial services room 52, the establishment of mutual funds 14, establishing policy agricultural insurance service outlets 105, provide all kinds of financial services for farmers and various types of business entities.
(article source: Guangxi daily)